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>> Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Hello! Welcome to the new Quilting Bee Blocks home on the web -- in addition to being an awesome group on Flickr, we're now a .com!

I've wanted to expand on our successful Flickr group for awhile now and thought the best way to do that was to branch out to our very own webpage & blog. We've got lots in store, including:

- block constructing step-by-step pictorials
- our original Master List of Virtual Quilting Bees
- a featured block of the week - picked from the Flickr group (for prizes??!)
- featured Bee of the month
- interviews with Quilting Bee Mamas and Papas
- our Quilting Bee 101 series of information
- features on finished Quilting Bee Block quilts
- a Quilting Bee Blocks quilt along ??

Even if you're not in a Virtual Quilting Bee - if you have any interest in quilting at all, I hope you'll bookmark or follow our website. We have lots in store that I think you'll be excited about, as I am!

We have a week of awesome interviews, features & giveaways starting April 5th, 2010 to celebrate our Grand Opening so be sure to come back then! Become a follower of our blog or follow @beeblocks on Twitter so you don't miss out on anything!


Anonymous December 22, 2010 at 7:37 AM  

Maybe I`ll be Captain Obvious, but... it's only few days to New Year last, so let's be happy!

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