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>> Tuesday, April 6, 2010

So you're visiting this new website, you've entered to win some great prizes, you've checked out some pretty quilt blocks in our Flickr pool ... and now you're thinking "yeah, what's next?!"

To expand a little bit on what I said in this "Welcome to Quilting Bee Blocks .com" post ... here are some things to get you started in all things Virtual Quilting Bees (I'm going to start referring to them as VQBs) and what you can expect from this blog.

Start here:  I started the Quilting Bee 101 Series of articles to help answer the many questions people have about VQBs.  I see this section as ever evolving, changing, lots more information being added.  There are many other people much more qualified in VQBs and I hope to glean some of their awesome expertise and add it to these articles.

So far, the articles listed in this series are:

Bee Basics
Bee Mama and Papa Tips
Helpful Hints

Then check out:  One of the main things that people loved about our Flickr group is what I like to call The Master List of Virtual Quilting Bees.  This is an attempt to have links to all the many online bees listed in one place.  I love surfing through all the different bees, seeing what discussions are posted in their threads, seeing the blocks that people have been making, etc.  I am going to keep The Master List updated both here and at the Flickr group, so you can check both places.  If you see a bee that isn't listed, please leave me a comment or send me an email.

Next you can mosey on over to:  The block tutorials.  This is a much harder section to keep up on.  I in no way want to try to make this a master list of all the block tutorials available online -- there's just way too many, probably thousands.  I think of this more as an edited list, the cream of the crop, or block tutorials that are often used in VQBs.  I definitely want to feature tutorials written by people that are members in any VQBs, or tutorials written specifically for a VQB.  I think that the list leans a little towards the "modern" quilt block, since that is a huge trend right now, especially in VQBs.  Whether you are in a VQB or not this list should be a good resource for you!  If you know of an awesome tutorial that should be listed, leave a comment or send me an email.

You say you want to join in?  The best place for you to check out is the thread in our Flickr group titled "I Want In! List of Upcoming Virtual Quilting Bees".  As much as I'd like to keep a running list here of open groups and groups starting up, it's just too hard.  Bees start and usually fill up very quickly, and I can't keep up with that pace! ;)  If you're not a Flickr member - it's free and easy to sign up.  Since 99% of VQBs are run as a Flickr group - it makes sense to keep this part of Quilting Bee Blocks over in our Flickr group.  Another great place to check for new bees popping up is in the discussion threads at the Block Party Quilt Along Flickr group.  These girls wrote the book on VQB's and have a great group and quilt along.  (No!  Seriously!  They are writing a book about their bee, Block Party, and about Virtual Quilting Bees in general!)

As you can see, I'm asking for your help and input a lot.   I don't want this to be a one-woman show, mostly because VQB's are such a group thing - that's the way this blog should be as well.  Already people have emailed me with awesome ideas, things they're doing in their bees, some features they'd like to see on this site --- I'm just the one putting it together.  I would really appreciate your feedback and comments and ideas and thoughts and dinner plans ... oh, dinner!  That's why the 3 year old is scavenging in the pantry for crackers.  I'd better attend to that ...

- Erin

p.s. Make sure to enter to win some great prizes in our Grand Opening Giveaway!  The next prize will be posted tomorrow morning!


Heather April 6, 2010 at 6:43 PM  

your doing a great job Erin!! ;)

just wanted to know i'm here enjoying your efforts!!!

xo, heather

Sarah April 6, 2010 at 8:36 PM  

Everyone I know of in the quilting world loves this site and the flickr group!

What about featuring a different VQB once a week, having guest post writers, tutorials, giveaways, charity projects...? So many great possibilities!

Kritta22 April 7, 2010 at 1:07 AM  

How about finished VQB's pictures like the whole quilt. I love those!

Marianna April 7, 2010 at 10:31 AM  


Thank you for making this blog. I am in a couple of quilting bees for our guild, and it is really fun to see all the different blocks come together. I am always amazed at what others come up with, both in virtual and real world.

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