Finished! Kate's dreamy Blue Daze quilt

>> Wednesday, April 21, 2010

For Kate's month in the Around the Block bee she sent out a beautiful combination of orange, blue and grey fabrics. (Or maybe you call it Sweet { Aqua } and Tangerine??!)

Here's part of the instructions that she posted for her bee members about the kind of blocks she wanted:

"The blocks you will be making are going to be made into a quilt for my son Alfie. I have posted a 'Inspiration Board' photo to our group which has about 9 photos of my favourite log cabin quilts.

I want these to be inspiration only as I really want each of you to 'come out' in your blocks.

I will be sending more fabric than is required purely because I am really crap at math and can't for the life of me work out how much to send! And also, I am sending out a real variety of Japanese, blues, greys and orange fabrics...I don't want you to feel you have to use every single piece in each block - I want the combinations to be your own.

I will be sashing with either a white cotton or nautral linen/cotton blend.

For any larger pieces of fabric I will be enclosing a self addressed envelope and ask that you can send these back to me - thank you :) Scrap pieces are yours to keep.

The only criterias I have are:

A) that the centre or focal piece of each block be a piece of fabric/s that are character/novelty based (Japanese and Heather Ross stuff). You will see what I mean when you receive the fabric bundle.

B) Blocks need to be a minimum of 12.5" and up to 15.5" but am happy if they are square or rectangle - up to you. No wonky"

This is an example of a wonderful set of instructions for her blocks. All the pertinent details in one place!

And here's her inspiration mosaic that she posted in their Flickr group for everyone to see (this is a WONDERFUL idea! I see inspiration mosaics all the time for various Flickr swaps, but not too often for VQB's!)

all photos credited on Flickr

Here's a mosaic of some of the blocks that started coming in for her (there were just too many to feature individually, make sure you click on the mosaic to see it BIG and check out all the cute details!)

1. MJ's block for Kate, 2. DSC_7290, 3. Kate's block #2, 4. Kate One Flew Over Wonky Cabin, 5. CIMG1757, 6. Around the Block - Kate's Sea block (almost), 7. Around the Block, 8. around the block 1, 9. 2nd block for Kate - Around The Block, Sept 09, 10. Around the Block - september 09, 11. Around the Block - Second Block for Kate, 12. Block 1 for Kate by Sheridan, 13. One Flew Over Wonky Cabin, 14. September - Blocks for Kate, 15. around the block 1, 16. Around the block - yarnplanner, 17. Around the block - yarnplanner, 18. DSC_7289, 19. Kate's block #1, 20. Kate's block #2, 21. CIMG1758, 22. Block 2 from Loulou for Kate from One Flew Over, 23. Block 1 from Loulou for Kate from One Flew Over, 24. MJ's block for Kate, 25. around the block 1

And for the finished product:

She wrote about it on her blog, One Flew Over, here and here.

Isn't it amazing?! Look at that beautiful quilting. And I love the orange striped binding. Such a pretty, fun, boyish quilt! You know I'm always on the lookout for great boy quilts! :)

She wrote (and I completely agree!!) "The thing about this quilt that I really love is that although no two blocks are the same, they all work so well together. Each time I look at the quilt, I find small, teenie, little details that I didn't notice before."

The girls in Around the Block did an amazing job and I know it's going to be a quilt that Alfie cherishes!


To make a mosaic like the one I made above with the bee blocks, or that Kate did for her inspiration mosaic, visit the Big Huge Labs Mosaic Maker. Very easy to use and uploads your finished mosaics (links credited and all) right to Flickr!


If you've got a finished Quilting Bee Blocks quilt that you want featured on Finished!, email me!


Helen April 22, 2010 at 3:04 AM  

It looks beautiful! I did two of those blocks but I can't remember which two!

One Flew Over April 22, 2010 at 3:27 AM  

Thanks for featuring Alfie's quilt!

Yes, the ladies in the bee did an amazing job - it truly is a stunning quilt.

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