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>> Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Seems like it's been a busy few weeks with lots of new bees popping up all over the place.  Here's 9 to add to the Master List of Virtual Quilting Bees.  Also, I'm working on separating the bees that have ended or are on a permanent hiatus into their own list, since that's what most people that spoke up thought would work!

A Dozen Quilters - a group of 12 craft people in a quilting bee

Twitter Bee - crafty friends who are in a quilting bee that was organized on Twitter!  (Sidenote:  Are you on Twitter?  Make sure to follow @beeblocks :] )

Bee Vintage - a quilting bee for lovers of vintage sheets.

Bee (A Little Bit) Japanese - quilting with adorable Japanese prints (particularly linen & linen blends)! We won't be using solely Japanese fabrics (because that would be 'spensive), but our idea is for each block to have a Japanese feature fabric.

Bee Splendid - a brand new bee just getting started this week!

NewBee - This is a group for anyone who has never done a virtual quilting bee and wants to start - or anyone who has done a bee and wants to do another!

Sew Scrappy Sew Happy - Our goal is help create 12 unique quilts with a flair for the print, rather than a solid. We don't mind if you want to pair a zebra with a polka-dot, so long as it makes sense to you.

Bee Outside the Box - The very first Orange County Modern Quilt Guild (OCMQG) Virtual Quilting Bee, comprised of OCMQG members.

Bee Seam Piecing Down Under - An online quilting bee based n Australia, New Zealand and the Asia Pacific.

As always, let me know if you are aware of any bees that aren't on our list!  :]


Rossie June 15, 2010 at 6:52 PM  

New bee...
Quilters using mid-century modernism as a touchstone as they create quilts together.

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