Pick Five Monday: Alexandras Desaturated edition

>> Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Note: Sorry for the delay in this week's PFM post! Technical issues have been plaguing me all week! ;]

This week's Pick Five Monday is pretty much the opposite of last week. Alexandra picked some beautiful blocks, but they're far from the bright beauties we had last week! But isn't that the great thing about quilts and quilting bee blocks - you can pretty much find any type to suit your mood at any given time? These desaturated blocks are gorgeous in their own right! Thanks to my friend Alexandra for taking the time to write a guest post for us this week. You can visit her at her Flickr page: asquared(w) or blog: a2(w).


My theme is "desaturated". I normally LOVE really bright pops of color, but I'm feeling a change toward something less vibrant and more warm and muddied. Perhaps it could be because I am tired of all the sun out here in the desert and long for some gloomy days!

1: I love how that background of each block is made of different taupey fabric and that the stars colors are toned down.

(credit: Patchwork Pottery)

2: I love the mix of different creamy neutrals. There is a pop of color, but it is not a vibrant turquoise.

Chris's Blocks - "Triple B" Bee
(credit: The Quilt Engineer)

3: I totally missed the boat on Arcadia! I'll have to scour Etsy to get some! This block has a nice balance of browns/neutrals and colors that blend and pop at the same time.

Sew Scrappy Sew Happy_February 2011
(credit: Love Old Houses)

4. This block uses a gray instead of brown, but it's a creamy gray rather than a bright gray. The pops of dull pinks and greens really add interest to the block without needing to be blindingly bright.

Liberated Churndash 3x6 Bee Own Colors
(credit: maripenquiltmom)

5: This last block is stunning and brilliant. The light blues used give the impression of sun washing through the bottles and fading the color. There's a vintage, tea-stained look to the background fabrics, dulling down the colors as well.

Ringo Pie - October - Collections
(credit: lucyellen06)


Pick Five Monday is a weekly column on the Quilting Bee Blocks blog featuring five of my favorite bee blocks from our Flickr pool. I am currently scheduling guest posters for 2011 to pick five of their favorite blocks and write a post telling us why. Email me for more information on how you can write one!


PatchworkPottery February 2, 2011 at 2:31 PM  

Great Picks! Thanks for including my stars :o)
Hugs, Laurraine

Elsa February 3, 2011 at 9:10 AM  

really wonderful blocks. Very inspiring.

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