Pick Five Monday: Alison's spring into summer edition

>> Monday, May 24, 2010

I was super excited when Alison / msalleycat on Flickr emailed me that she was interested in doing a Pick Five Monday guest post. She wrote up a terrific article and picked 5 amazing blocks, which I then basically snaked from right out underneath her (completely unintentionally - my last PFM post had the same theme she had come up with and a few of the same blocks she had picked completely by coincidence!) Luckily she was nice enough to redo her article and somehow she even managed to top her first one. Thanks again for hanging in there with me, Alison!


I am ready for summer! Rainbows of flowers in gardens, sunshine at the beach, birds chirping in the treetops. Even if it doesn't feel like spring or summer where you are, these blocks will make you feel it.

1 - Starter Block for the Quilting Journey Round Robin bee by Little Miss Shabby

It's like looking into the center of a rose in full bloom, or a circular stairwell, or the tunnel into Wonderland that Alice fell into (minus the hands of course!). Most of the online bees I've seen are not round robins, but this start makes me interested in starting my own!

Quilting Journey Round Robin Bee Starter block

2 - Gargantuan Tulip by sewtakeahike for the Bee Beautiful Bee.

I am a sucker for anything scrappy, and I love how this is sweet & old-fashioned but modern at the same time. (Also, I am always impressed by applique, because I find it so laborious).

gargantuan tulip

3 - Ticker Tape Blocks by LittleOliveBranch for Fresh Comfort Two.

These make me think of beach towels laid out on the sand, as seen from above. Come on, summer, I am ready! And I love the natural linen background.

Ticker Tape blocks

4 - Wonky Stars made by Diddis for the Bumblebees section of Bee Europa.

Could these suns be any more cheerful? The blue and the yellow-oranges just sing together.

Bumblebees, Bee Europe, Wonky stars

5 - Salt Marsh Hex by Hanies for the Bee Modern Bee.

It's like a bird in the blue sky surrounded by a garden in full bloom. I love rickrack, anything with a bird silhouette, and the contrasting black bits here & there.

salt marsh hex


Make sure to visit Alison's blog, The Occasional Pin, and check out the awesome blocks being made in the Bee she's involved in, Bee Happy.


RWL May 24, 2010 at 12:40 PM  

::totally blushing:: Thanks for featuring the blocks I made for Fresh Comfort Two. :)

Janice May 24, 2010 at 2:47 PM  

what wonderful blocks! I may have to save that first one for a Bee!

Little Miss Shabby May 24, 2010 at 2:50 PM  

Thanks for picking one of my blocks!! =) I also love those ticker tape blocks--I have been so tempted to use that idea for a bee in the past and seeing these...so cute!! =)

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