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>> Friday, November 19, 2010

More new bees! Most of these are underway already, with a few gearing up to start in January. Remember if you want to join a bee (tons usually start up at the beginning of the year!) keep an eye on the "I Want In!" thread in our Flickr group. That's the best place to meet other people that want to be in a bee.

Pins and Needles Bee - This virtual bee has 6 members. Each person gets 2 months out of the year. when it's your month, the other 5 members make 2 blocks for you and you can make 2 for yourself. You can pick up to 3 colors and your block desire for your month!

Bits & Pieces Bee - a year long modern quilting bee. 6 member quilting bee. 2 months each. 2 blocks a month. you pick the block and the colors for your month.

The Quick Christmas Bee 2010 - A last minute Christmas bee with five members with the goal of making a Christmas quilt for Christmas 2010..

Bee Hexed In - This is a scrap busting bee based on Tacha's hexagon pillow design, "Hexed in" in Fat Quarterly Issue #1.

Solid Bee Block - A quilting bee focusing on solid fabric only. Any colors welcome. You can choose a single color to focus on or a bunch of colors. As long as you're using solids, you're in!

The VIBees - A virtual Quilting Bee. For Very Important People.

Sew & Bee Happy - A sewing bee using bright, modern fabrics, with an emphasis on trying something new and improvisation.

Tag Square Bee - We are a group of fourteen quilters from all over the world, making each other blocks from our own stash. All the blocks will be based around squares and square designs. Members get to choose the colour scheme they want for their quilt.

Simply Strings Bee - A quilting bee focused on making blocks using the "string quilt" method. Any design, any shape, as long as its made of strings!


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